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Department of Chemistry

The Laboratory of organometallic & coordination chemistry has been engaged in research on the synthesis structure electrochemical and catalytic activity of coordination compounds of transition metals bearing organochalcogen and macrocyclic ligands. Research projects from various funding agencies like CSIR, UGC, MPCST were granted to this department on legend chemistry of organochalcogen and macrocyclic ligands.

The group has achieved some significant result results in their efforts Oxovanadium (IV) macrocylic complexes have shown to act as active catalyst at room temperatrure in the epoxidation of olefins using TBHP as oxidant.

Another major aspect of research which is being persuaded by the group is on the synthesis and structure of organometallic and coordination compounds with bulkycarbon silicon bonds bearing donor groups. Research projects from DST, New Delhi and RsC, UK have been granted in this area.

The another group is working on the synthesis of chalcogen bearing henmi labile heteroditopic ligands and their ligation towards transition, non-tranition metals and corresponding organometallics. Such type of compounds are supposed to be catalyticaly active as well as precursors for metal organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) process.

Electroanalvtical and Radiochemistry

The laboratory of electroanalytical is engaged in research in monitoring trace level of pollutants in environmental samples using striping voltammeter. The methods are also being developed for the electrochemical treatment of the industrial effluents from different industries. Already research projects in the above being in operation funded by MOEF, CSIR & UGC.

Recently Radiochemistry laboratory has been established in the department. In this laboratory synthesis and characterization of materials to be used as sorber has been taken up. A project from DaE, Mumbai has also been granted to this department.