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Department of Botany

Plant Pathology and Mycology, Microbiology, Stress physiology, Plant Biochemistry, Plant biodiversity and ethnobotany, aerobiology, Ecology, Microbial physiology and Biochemistry, Plant Morphology, Mycotoxicology.

A highly recognized work has been done in the microbial degradation of leather finished products and aflotoxins in the stored and marketed food materials. Herbarius of international accessions is in place.

The work on response of crop plants under nutritional stress has been widely acclaimed. A new strasin of unicellular nitrogen fixing Cyanobacteria, Gelocapsas has been isolated from Gwalior rice fields. Under flora of this of late unexplored region of India have been complied including those of Chambal ravines, Shivpuri, Morena and Gwalior environs. The wetland biodiversity with special reference to zoo and Phytoplanktons has been inventoried. An internationally acclaimed work in the Cyanobacterial nitorogen fixing filamentous heterocyktous from with regard to physiology and Biochemistry of N2 fixaiton is being persued and few matants are isolated and maintained,. The department is recoginized as an important center for aerobiology and ethnobotany. A well documented work on the environmental. Impacts analysis is going on and it is proposed to provide consulancies for upcoming projects in future. In this direction the advice of leading experts has been taken by having them as visiting long term proferrors in the Department viz. Late Prof. S.B. Saxena, late Prof. R. Misra. Prof. S.C. Pandeya, Prof. M.S. Agarkar etc.