Office of DCDC and College Affiliation

Updated ADHISUCHANA of College Affilation
College Adhisuchana I - 07.07.2014
College Adhisuchana II - 07.07.2014
College Adhisuchana I - 14.07.2014
College Adhisuchana II - 14.07.2014
Letter to All Principals, New Affiliated College - To deposit Endowment Fund
AFFILIATION LETTERS - Adhisuchana 28.06.2014
Adhisuchana 18.06.2014
Final list general college for higer education 05.06.2014
List of Affiliated colleges as per the standing committee Dated 5.05.2014
Letter 25.05.2014
LIST of the Affilated Colleges 2014-15 as per the decision of STANDING COMMITTEE DATED 05.05-2014 and 09.05.2014
College information which not submitted profile
New B.Ed. & General College Inspection Committee
Affiliation Related Information
Notice for depositing Affilation Fees for the Year 2014-15
Notice for depositing Affilation Fees for the Year 2014-15
New College Affiliation Letter for the Year 2014-15
New Examination Centre
College Affiliation Fees Letter
College Affiliation Fees Letter
College Affiliation Fees 2014-15
List of Affiliated Colleges 2013-14
University Nominee List
Notification regarding Teacher Appointments
Notification regarding Students Attandance & Teachers Sallery
Letter regarding 28(17)
BCILE Circular
Teacher Appointments Under 28(17)
Extension of date to deposit Affilation Fees
Affilation Fees for the Year 2013-14
All Principles :- Inspection of College for NAAC
Suchana for Affilated College
Appointments Under 28(17) Fees
Notification about Flying Squad
List of B.Ed. Colleges Teachers Appointed Under 28(17)
Information of B.Ed. Colleges Gwalior
Information of Staff Education for B.Ed Colleges
Seats in Govt and Private Colleges
List of the Colleges Affilated to Jiwaji University Year 2010-11
List of the Colleges Not Affilated to Jiwaji University Year 2010-11
College Affilation Fees Circular
Governing Body Meeting
Samiti Ka Gathan
Important Circular 28(17)
List of Teachers-appointed in colleges 28(17)
Important Notice for B.Ed. Students
Important Notice for College
Notice for deposting F.D.R. (Andoment Fund)
Notice for Affilation Branch
Governing Body Meeting
I.N.C. Norms
Affilation Fee
Employee EPF
Important Suchana
Employee PF Fund
Circular of Nursing College
Nursing Colleges Important Meeting
College Admission Seats 2011-12
College Inspection Committee 18.04.2012
College Inspection Committee 23.04.2012
College Inspection Committee 24.04.2012
No. of seats in various Colleges 2011-12
Appointments Under 28(17)
Important Workshop for Colleges
Important Notice for M.Sc. Nursing I Year
Letter to send the Information for Annual Report Year 2011-12

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